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Care Services Questions

Do you have nurses on staff?

We have nurses in the building daily, along with certified med techs and PCA’s every shift.

Riverton Senior Living follows the PA DHS regulatory training plan that consist of Direct care support training prior to staff working with the residents, fire safety and emergency preparedness that consist of; Evacuation procedures. (2) Staff duties and responsibilities during fire drills, as well as during emergency evacuation, transportation and at an emergency location if applicable. (3) The designated meeting place outside the building or within the fire-safe area in the event of an actual fire. (4) Smoking safety procedures, the home’s smoking policy. (5) The location and use of fire extinguishers. (6) Smoke detectors and fire alarms. (7) Telephone use and notification of emergency services, dementia, and abuse reporting.

We provide transportation to physicians’ and specialty offices within a 10-mile radius at no additional cost. Any appointment located outside of the 10-mile radius requires special scheduling by our director of wellness.

We have staff to remind residents for meals, assist to and from the dining hall, and to and from activities throughout the day and as needed.

How many residents live here?

The capacity for Personal Care is 67.

We have nurses, certified med techs and Personal Care Assistants in the building. Our staff support with Activities of daily living, and medication management 24 hours a day. We also have a senior manager on call around the clock for emergencies.

Depends and toiletries are supplied for additional cost and vary depending on the needs.

Other Community Questions

Is Housekeeping included?

Housekeeping is included at no additional charge.

Yes, cable TV is provided at no additional cost.

Yes, the PC staff will encourage all residents and remind them to attend activities.

Is laundry included?

Laundry is included at no additional charge. (We do not supply laundry detergent.)

Overnight guests are allowed if the facility is notified in advance. At all times, the facility should be made aware of anyone in the building so authorities can be notified if there’s an emergency.

Currently, we have a chaplain visit monthly and Church is streamed live every Sunday.

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